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August 2017

Meet Alex

By Alex Ganaden

YPM is proud to introduce the young adult devotion contributor for August, Alex Ganaden. Take a moment to learn more about Alex below, and check back on Wednesday, the 9th, to read the first of her four devotions.

Alex Ganaden, 24, is a public school English Teacher also studying for her Master’s Degree in Language Teaching. Alex has served as one of the Annual Youth Presidents in the Philippines for the past three years and also serves as worship leader at her local church. Writing has been one of her greatest passions and has been a source of bright and wonderful ideas in ministry.

Alex has also written music, both in Tagalog and English, for her local church. She hopes that her writing can be of help to others. It is in this hope that God’s instructions and promises shall be revealed to those who are in need of it, as it has been revealed to her.

Young Adult Devotions by Alex Ganaden.