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October 2010

Leaf Clover: A Young Adult Devotion

By: Nan Hurd

I went to Argentina for nine weeks this autumn with some of my YWAM community. One of the things we did spur of the moment was to go to the local hospital and pray a blessing and health over the new born babies and their mothers. As we were waiting outside the hospital for visiting hours to begin, we saw a patch of grass, which was a sight for sore eyes in the desert in Patagonia. We took the opportunity and lounged in the grass, which was full of clovers.

I’ve seen many clovers in my time but I’ve never seen a four-leaf clover. It’s one of those things that you always want to find but is so rare you have a very small chance of that happening. I was just randomly combing my fingers through the grass and clovers and spotted a four-leaf clover. I was shocked and plucked it out of the ground and proudly announced to my friends that I had found a four-leaf clover, which of course resulted in everyone wanting to find one themselves. Everyone began frantically searching the ground and becoming discouraged when they couldn’t find one. Some even said “I have to find one or I won’t have any luck.” I had found a four-leaf clover, which is something I had searched for many-a-times, with out even looking for one!

In reflecting on that experience I’ve found the parallels between searching for a four-leaf clover and searching for things in your life to be very interesting. It is a goal of mine to start a team that will work with women in prostitution and teach about healthy relationships. Over this last year I have been searching for people to work with me and when I haven’t found anyone I’ve become really discouraged. I have met or been connected with people but it always ends up a dead end. God’s spoken to me before about finding things when I’m not looking. I wasn’t happy when I heard that. How do I get to a place where I’m not looking for what I’m searching for?

Instead of trying to understand, I just put this searching aside and tried not to think about it. But this whole four-leaf clover thing has gotten me thinking. Why am I searching for the clover? Do I think this clover will fulfill me? Do I think I need this clover? Has my search for this clover been taking over my search for God? Why will I find what I’m looking for when I’m not looking for it?

My search for people had become more important than my search for God. Nothing can fill me the way God does, and even if I found people I would still be empty. God supplies all my needs; only when I believe that down to the deepest core of my being will I stop searching for my needs to be met. I can still pray for things but the desperate searching is unhealthy. God is a Father, a good, loving Father and the Bible says many times that He will provide for all we need and that we should present our needs to him in prayers and thanksgiving. I think we sometimes forget the thanksgiving part.

So my question is what are you searching for, the four-leaf clover or for God? What is your four-leaf clover? What do you really think will fill you?

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