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October 2017

Lizette Che talks about UMC Ministries with Youth in Cameroon

By Mighty Rasing

By Mighty Rasing

In early July 2017, Young People’s Ministries organized the first gathering of Youth Directors from the United Methodist Annual Conferences in Africa.

In the following video, Lizette Che, Youth Director of Cameroon Provisional Annual Conference, talks about challenges that youth face in her country and some of the exciting ministries they have with young people.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Cameroon is a small mission initiative for now. The church is focusing on evangelism:
  • The Youth Department in Cameroon holds retreats for young people.
  • They also host a youth camp where young people learn about spiritual matters and build entrepreneurial skills such as chocolate making.
  • They also engage in outreach such as visiting an orphanage.
  • They conduct leadership trainings.
  • One former member of the Youth Department offered a piece of land. The Youth Department can use this land for 5 years so they can raise funds for the ministry. Young people grow cassava, bananas, and other agricultural produce.
  • One of the challenges they face is having to deal with language and cultural barriers between English speakers and French speakers in the country.
  • Lizette hopes that the church in Cameroon will be able to offer scholarships to help children and youth finish school.

You can find Lizette Che on Facebook: