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September 2018


By Alick Mvula

By Alick Mvula

Light: A Young Adult Devotion

Let’s imagine a world without light, I don’t think anybody could’ve loved to live in it. How could we see? Or even go anywhere? Light is one of the most important aspects of the planet. Light is seen by eyes; you can’t touch light or smell light or breathe light. We need to see light. Light gives us direction. For example, when Jesus was born, the wise men followed the light (stars) to know his location.

“And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, let there be light and there was light.” -Genesis 1:2-5

In this scripture we see that the earth was ‘Empty’ until God created ‘Light’ which made it look beautiful. As young people no matter how much we pray, sing, give, or even fast, if we do not have light in us our lives are empty. We need to shine our light always. Shining our light is not only when we are alone but even in the hardest times of our lives. When we lose a loved one we still need to shine. When we feel like all is lost, we still need to shine.

Sometimes I feel young people are ashamed to bring out the light. Imagine a situation where a person always gives grace before a meal and once they go to a public restaurant they feel uncomfortable to say grace so they decide to eat the meal as it is. Pressure should not make us hide our light, it should challenge us to shine even more.

People need to see light in us and it should not be so hard to notice it. When a place is dark and a torch or candle is lit, you can easily see the light.

We need to share the light with others, we need to light up dark places that are void that is one of our main purpose here on earth. Young people are very social beings and this characteristic is a very helpful tool that can be used to spread light to others.

The only way to keep this light shining is by holding on firmly to Jesus Christ who is the light of the world. Light up your family, light up your community, light up your country, and don’t forget to light up the world.


  • Are there times when you fail to shine your light at work? School? Or any other place?

  • How do you maintain your light? Do you have any strategies you use?

  • How often to you bring up topics like these in your daily conversations with others?

Young Adult devotions by Alick Mvula.