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October 2019

How Many Bible Verses Do You Know

By Dave Magee

Committing Bible verses to memory is an important spiritual practice, and this activity will help build student’s confidence by getting several verses memorized in one moment.

Break students into groups of 3 and give every group a sheet of paper with all the Bible verses on it. Give the students 10 minutes to try to memorize the verses as best as they can, they should be able to recite the verse as well as recite the location of the verse in the Bible.

After 10 minutes have passed make every group of students turn their sheets of verses over and put them down, or have them return the sheets to the leader if you don’t trust them to not peek!

Now tell the students you are either going to read an entire verse and see who can first remember what verse it is, or you are going to read a verse location (such as John 3:16) and see who first thinks they can correctly recite the verse. Read out as many as time allows, and make sure to pick different groups if the same group continues to raise their hands first.

SUPPLIES– sheets of paper to hand out to each group of students with around 15-20 short Bible verses all typed up listing the verse and location. You can pick some of your favorites, or do a quick internet search such as “Best short Bible Verses to Memorize”. Make sure to pick verses from a number of different places in the Bible.

Dave MaGee has served in youth ministry for two decades since graduating from Duke University Divinity School in 1999. He served as a youth minister in several churches in Texas and most recently served as the Director of Student Ministries at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.