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March 2017

Grants for Ministries with Young People: Wildflame Campus Ministry in Bulacan, Philippines

By Mighty Rasing

Wildflame Campus Ministry was initiated by the NorthEast Bulacan District of the United Methodist Church in Bulacan province in the Philippines. It has now reached out to several college and high school campuses in the area and continues to grow.

According to Gershon Vivas, who wrote the report to Young People’s Ministries’ Grants Administrator, a lot of the youth leaders of Wildflame who graduated from college go on to become volunteer campus ministers. They go to different campuses and lead care groups even though they are also busy as working as young professionals.

In addition to this, a lot of the young people reached by Wildflame end up becoming a part of the church.

Some of the activities conducted by Wildflame Campus Ministry include seminars, retreats, and trainings for students. The ministry also does care groups in different campuses; and they also have a Youth Center for fellowship, group studies, counseling, mentoring, and other activities.

Regina Bautista, one of the students ministered to by Wildflame says: “I started joining Wildflame last year and it changed my life. My attitudes and perspectives are more positive now. Wildflame developed me as a Christian and as a good disciple of Jesus Christ. I am now a third year college student. My brother and two sisters are also attending Wildflame small groups and gathering. I know they will be transformed as I was.”

Rizalie Bautista, another student says: “Every message in our small group is inspiring. We always talk about God…. Because of Wildflame, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior and since then, I felt joy in my heart. Today, I am one of Wildflame’s leaders and I am now also regularly and actively attending Sunday worship at Jesus First United Methodist Church, Sulivan, Baliuag, Bulacan.”