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December 2010

God's Constant Presence

February 2009
By Akiiki D. Kabagarama

"Where can I go from your spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence?" (Psalm139:7; NRSV)

Finally, the day has come. You are leaving home for campus life! Your bags, suitcases, boxes and other types of containers are packed and you are ready for the adventure. You are finally leaving home and anxious to be on your own. You feel grown up, independent and accomplished. Freedom is all around you and you are saying, "No more curfews."

Upon arrival on campus and after saying "Good bye" to those who accompanied you, what is going on in your mind? For some, this may be a sad moment because things are unfamiliar. For others, it may be a time to scream "Hurray!" because of the apparent freedom that a new place offers. There may be those who feel anxious, uneasy and worried because the new situation is overwhelming. Others might even sink into depression.

Whatever emotion you find yourself experiencing, do not forget one important factor. God is right there to provide comfort and direction. Many people equate growing up with being free from God. This is very far from the truth. Entering college/university is a freeing experience. And, it is also a time of vulnerability. Studies show that the first and second years of college can be very difficult – especially when you try to manage all of this change and transition by yourself.

Remember, growing up does not mean growing out of a relationship with God, it means growing into a relationship with God more deeply. College is a time to cling to God and to God’s promise of Presence with us. We can never be too old for God’s care!


Loving and Faithful God:
Thank you for your constant love and care. Let me never forget to call on you always. Amen.