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November 2012


By Kelsey Tinker Hannum

On this "Giving Tuesday," I am reminded of the tremendous generosity of youth through the Youth Service Fund. All year, every year, youth work to collect funds to simply give away. This is the kind of giving that Christ has asked of us--to give humbly without expectations of anything in return; for it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).

Wait. What? We're supposed to give our time, our effort, and our money...and expect nothing?

That's not exactly the best sales pitch, but I must say, it is truly inspiring. Over the last month we've seen the horrible destruction of hurricane Sandy, but we've also seen the efforts to raise funds, gather flood buckets, and give whatever possible to support those in need. These gifts could not be given with stipulations, they just had to be given.

On this Giving Tuesday, we are encouraged to give. For some, this means giving money. For others, it's listening to a friend or volunteering or spending time with someone who needs a little company. It doesn't matter how you give, it just matters that you do.

Although we are challenged to give without expecting anything in return, the reality is that we often benefit in unexpected ways. Giving creates new friendships, unseen opportunities, and growth.Through giving, we receive in ways we never anticipated.

So give. Give your prayers. Give your energy. Give your love. Then remember that those who give are no different than those who receive.