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December 2017

Finding Inspiration as a Young Leader: Stories from the Summit

By Fifi Nyoyihenyi

By Fifi Marie Nyoyihenyi

The Young Leaders Summit had been a source of wisdom in my life as a young leader. Attending the Young Leaders Summit was a great opportunity in my life and it was my first time to fly in an airplane. I used to think that as a leader, I should be in peace with everyone; that I should be a peacemaker; that I must hide who I am to protect the image I want everyone to see. But this Summit allowed God’s grace to remind me to be who I am.

The Summit was a time of refreshed awakening for young leaders of the church. I found courage and inspiration in knowing that I am not alone and that other leaders also experience the same struggles and successes as I do.

[The] Summit allowed God’s grace to remind me to be who I am.

I am pursuing education at Africa University. I plan to return in the Democratic Republic of Congo upon graduation to serve as a lecturer in a public or private institution where there is great need.

I am planning to serve not just as a professional lecturer but also a social educator and advocate of access to education. I am committed to continually serve my church and community in the DRC.

Fifi Marie Nyoyihenyi attended the Young Leaders Summit in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo on April 2016. She is now studying at the Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Stories from the Summit from Fifi Nyoyihenyi.