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April 2015

Fat Judas

By: Aga Fatrick Sta. Ana
Here in the Philippines, weird names exist. Adults are called “Baby” and “Boy”. Some people enjoy being called “Lotlot”, “Tonton”, “Tintin”, and many more. Well, let’s just say that I also have a weird name. My name is Fatrick (“Patrick” with an “F”) and I love it when people call me “Fat.”

Interestingly, while some other people may have Biblical names such as Mary, Joseph, and Jesus (Yes, Jesus!), I haven’t actually met someone whose name is Judas.

In the Bible, Judas is known to be Jesus’ betrayer. Now, who would want their children to be identified with Judas the traitor? Sure, you can call your kid, “Fat.” But Judas? No way!

Contemplating on his life, I still envy Judas. I envy how He walked and talked with the Messiah. I imagine him laughing at His jokes, listening to His stories, and dreaming with Him. I can only imagine how it feels like to see the face of the Savior, to touch His hand, and to hear His voice. Three years of heavenly experiences with the Architect of the Universe! There can be no better experience than that.

However, Judas missed the point. But, well, I really cannot blame him. Most of us today act the way Judas did. Most of the time, we throw out our personal experiences with Jesus for the things this world has to offer. When faced with temptations, we forget how Jesus touched us and changed us. When confronted with problems, we forget how He held our hands and lifted us up. We betray the same Savior for a couple of booze and a stick of smoke.

Now, let me hypothesize here for a moment. I believe that Judas betrayed Jesus because his experience with Jesus was not complete. When Jesus died and rose from the grave, Judas was already gone. I believe that what change a person are not just his “daily” experiences with God but his “Calvary experience” with the Savior. It’s not enough that we experience God’s healing power or provision. What will change us is our experience at the foot of the cross. It’s called “grace.” While I confess to you that I envy Judas in so many ways, I also submit to you that I have better experiences with him because I have a personal salvation experience with the King of Heaven.

Since then, my life was never the same again. I am really looking forward to the day when God takes me to heaven so I could talk and walk with Jesus, laugh with His jokes, listen to His stories, and dream with Him. And all because I had an Aldersgate experience with Him.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How did your salvation change you as a person? How can you make salvation an experience that continues to change you?

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