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December 2010

Faith and Academics

October 2008
By Akiiki Kabagarama

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Have you ever wondered if there is a positive relationship between faith and academics? Speaking from my own experience, the response is, “Absolutely!”

Faith and academics go hand in hand. It is an alliance that is necessary for survival. We are whole beings--intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and communal. We survive and thrive when we remain intact. An attempt to separate the different spheres of our existence fragments us to the core. As a result of this fragmentation, major social problems invade us. We live in isolation from ourselves, our neighbors and the Creator of the universe.

Faith allows us to see beyond the naked eye. It allows us to testify to another reality that is around us and within us. This reality does not take away from our scientific inquiry and intellectual exercise. It is not the pursuit of empty beliefs or superstition. Faith enables us to pursue truth to its finest level.

Together, as we walk our intellectual journey during the academic year, let us not throw away our faith or leave it with Grandma to keep for us till we return. Rather, let us experience the exuberance and excitement that comes to us as individuals and as communities when we allow faith and academics to meet and embrace each other!


God of our faith, we glorify your name for endowing us with the capacity to think. May we never forget that learning occurs best when You are at the center of our lives. Please strengthen our faith, we pray. Amen.