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December 2011

Ecumenical Youth Ministries Staff Team

By Carl Gladstone (NCJ & NEJ)

This week we’ve been spending some quality conversation time with the Ecumenical Youth Ministries Staff Team of the National Council of Churches of Christ. This is a group of mainline denominational youth staff looking for ways to support and partner with one another.

Over the course of the conference we reflected on the Youth Worker Summit 2010 and did some brainstorming about possible future gatherings and strategies to help provide mainline denominational youth workers with training that is both theologically robust, practical, and creative. We also shared some best practices among our denominations for events and ministries like Washington/UN seminars, short-term mission programs, and large denominational youth gatherings like Youth 2011 and others.

Another highlight of the trip to Minneapolis was the opportunity to participate in some workshops with Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones. Each provided some exploration of emerging culture and how youth ministry might engage the tools and aesthetics of the upcoming era to engage youth and disciples for Jesus Christ.

A special thanks to Bronwyn Skov and the Episcopal Church for hosting and we look forward to more enlightening conversations and shared initiatives!