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December 2017

Crowd Charades

By Neal Bowes

This Charades game combines all the fun of Christmas with everything you need in a great icebreaker, and there’s very little preparation required!

Get your contestants up front with you, facing the rest of the group and divide them into two groups. They will need to be standing in front of your projector so they can’t see the slides. Put one team on either side. It can be boys versus girls, middle school versus high school, kids versus adults, or whatever works best for you. The person on each team that is closest to you will be the player for that round. On your screen up front, behind the contestants, project a slide with one of the activities listed. The entire group (not the contestants) acts it out. Whichever player guesses it first wins a point for their team, and you move on to the next pair of players. Depending on time, five rounds might be adequate.

Use your imagination, but these worked for us:

  • Building a Snowman
  • Decorating the Christmas Tree
  • Opening a Gift
  • Singing Christmas Carols
  • Sled Riding
  • Waiting Under the Mistletoe
  • Passing the Candlelight
  • Wisemen Bringing Gifts

Neal has had the privilege of being in ministry with the youth at Jesse Lee for the last 15 years. He also works through the New York Annual Conference to train and support volunteer youth workers in local churches. He loves speaking at youth gatherings--group retreats or conference-wide events.