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December 2019

Create Joy Sparks in Your Youth Room

By Jay Campbell

Joy is an essential element of not only advent but life together as Christians. Begin this activity by reflecting on Matthew 11:2-11. Talk about where they have experienced joy in their day-to day life. Then, ask them to look around the youth area and talk about the joyful memories they have. What things in the room spark joy or remind them of something joyful. After the discussion create your own joy spark together using one of these options:

  • Print out individual or a large size prayer labyrinth template and invite youth to write their prayers of thanksgiving and joy throughout the labyrinth. If you are able to print out a big one, the whole group can write all their prayers on the one showing the communal nature of our faith and joy together. Or if the group does individual ones, you can put them all together in a collage or poster and hang on the wall.
  • Paint/draw a mural for the youth room, inviting everyone to draw pictures of joy. If you have time and the artists to help, you can do this in the spirit of Isaiah 35:1-10 and have a mural of a desert and invite the group to draw flowers, greenery and water on it and name the flowers, the grass, sun and waters with what brings them joy
  • Begin putting together a photo collage from youth group nights, previous trips, etc…
  • Create a fun board for announcements to share joyfully about upcoming youth activities and trips and for youth to also be able to share their own announcements about events and activities in their lives that bring them joy that they would like to share
Jay Campbell is a provisional elder in the Virginia Conference. He lives with his wife Katie and their dog Rue in Alexandria, VA.