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November 2015

Correcting Our Vision

By Vanessa Small

When I was in the fifth grade, I had to get glasses. I could see just fine when I was reading a book or looking at things up close, but I could not clearly see the blackboard. The eye doctor’s diagnosis was myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness - I could see things that were near, but could not see them as they moved into the distance.

Is it possible that we can be spiritually nearsighted too?

Maybe as new Christians, we were eager to serve God and grow in Him. After a retreat, camp meeting, or inspiring Sunday morning sermon, our passion to serve God might be renewed. After we have received an answer to prayer, we are quick to praise God, but after a while, the experience sinks into the past and the next situation sits in our view. As the newness wears off and the feeling diminishes, we tend to go back into our old routines and become distracted by our everyday worries. Our eagerness and vitality drifts into the distance and it becomes harder to see.

So how can we correct our vision? My eyeglasses help to correct my nearsightedness, enabling me to see things far away clearly. What “lens” can we look through to keep us from forgetting what God has done in the past and to help us see clearly as we keep moving forward?

Remembering and reflecting on God’s work in the past can help to strengthen our faith in Him for the present and future and help us to keep moving forward, spurring us on to obedience. Jesus instituted a practice of remembrance when He shared the first Communion with His disciples. Whenever we share in this sensory experience, we are reminded of Christ’s sacrifice for us. Joshua and the Israelites set up memorial stones as visual reminders of God’s miraculous salvation when He helped them cross into the Promised Land. For us, journaling may be a tool that helps us remember God’s work in our lives and our personal journey of faith with Him.

We must never forget the work God has done in our lives, saving us, cleansing us from sin, and continually shaping us into the people He desires us to be. We must never forget His promises and His calling on our lives. Remembering our journey can help us to keep our focus and see clearly as we continue to move forward with God guiding us. As we continue to seek Him, He will help us grow in faith and love so we will not stumble and so we can help lead others to Him.

Discussion Question: As you reflect on God’s work in the past, how does it help to encourage you for the future?

For further study: Joshua 4; 2 Peter 1; Titus 3:1-8; Revelation 2:1-7

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Young Adult devotions from Vanessa Small. Originally published November, 2015.