Butcher Paper Footprints | UMC YoungPeople
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April 2019

Butcher Paper Footprints

By Chasity Opphile

Following Jesus is an abstract concept that can be difficult for even the most seasoned people to fully understand. This activity will help take the abstract and make it concrete helping students to put practical steps to what it means to follow Jesus.

Begin by cutting sheets of butcher paper into sections large enough for a student to stand on. Pair up students giving each pair a marker and two pieces of butcher paper. Then, ask students to stand on one of the sheets of paper and trace the other person’s feet.

Once students have their traced footprints ask them to take it and go to a quiet place (in the room or if you have the luxury of taking a trip outside, bring them into nature). Instruct them spend some time in prayer, asking God to tell them what God wants them to do either in big or small ways.

Tell them to use the foot tracing as a sort of prayer journal writing about how Jesus might be calling them to follow Him. Finish by giving the students an opportunity to share what they have written.

Items needed: large strip of butcher paper and markers.

Chasity is the Outreach and Education Coordinator at Christ UMC in Newcomerstown, Ohio. Chasity is passionate about empowering and equipping teens and young adults to make a difference in the world through the life changing power of Jesus. She is also pretty passionate about hanging out with her awesome husband and family, mission work to Cuba, traveling, sweet tea, all things Spanish and cooking. You can follow her on Twitter: @ChasLOpp