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September 2018


By Jeremy Steele

Icebreakers usually either help us think differently about something or just get us talking. This one does both as it challenges students to stretch their brains to do something they don’t normally have to do. And, all you need is paper and pencil!

One of the interesting things about mirrors is that they reverse whatever image they show you. That is why the word Ambulence is written backwards on their hoods… so you can read it in your rear view mirror. We are going to take a moment to do some backwords thinking/writing. Follow these steps to make some mirror-focused art.

Think of a word that describes you.

Write it correctly.

Using your correctly written version as a guide, write the same word in reverse and LARGE on the paper you have.

Then, illustrate the letters in a way that depicts what the meaning of the word. (See the example)

Ask each person to share their word and explain why it describes them.

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