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March 2014

A Choice to Change the World

By Rori Blakeney (SEJ)

Living in Atlanta is exciting. It’s home to Coca Cola, Delta and the Atlanta University Center, the largest consortium of Historically Black College and Universities. Spelman College is a part of that consortium.

A few years ago, Spelman College launched a new capital campaign. These campaigns can make or break an institution. Spelman hit it on the bull’s-eye. Their campaign is simple and measureable – “A Choice to Change the World.”

Well, as I pondered what Ash Wednesday really means to me, I thought about Spelman’s invitation to make “A Choice to Change the World.” Ash Wednesday is about an invitation that Christ extends to all. It is an opportunity for us to change the world by changing ourselves. Changing the world can only happen it we examine our individual and communal lives.

Young People’s Ministries issues an invitation for youth to Change the World through the Youth Service Fund. This year, the youth of the Tennessee Annual Conference (Tennessee has a newly bald bishop) made a bold choice. They raised over $25,000 for the Youth Service Fund. You may not be able to raise $25,000, but you can make a donation.

And, no matter how large or small, it will be your choice to change the world through the young people of the United Methodist Church.

So on Ash Wednesday, I reaffirmed my choice to change the world. Will you join me?