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February 2016

9 Reasons Why Giving to YSF Totally Rocks!

By Kelsey Tinker Hannum

Youth Service Fund (YSF) enables youth to support one another in ministry around the world. Youth work together to raise money, then they distribute the funds to projects created for, by, and with youth. YSF was created in 1968, and MILLIONS of dollars have been given to youth projects across the globe. YSF is an amazing ministry, and it simply would not exist without the countless donations given by United Methodist youth every year. Here are just a few reasons why YSF is so cool!

1. Youth run the show.

Youth are in charge of every aspect of Youth Service Fund. They create the fundraisers, and they get to decide how to distribute the money they raised. Also, youth are the recipients of YSF grants. Talk about some peer empowerment!

2. Good ole fashioned fun.

Honestly, planning fundraisers for YSF is just plain fun. We’ve seen it all; from selling popcorn to racing rubber duckies down a waterfall, to shaving the Bishop’s head! The more creative the idea—the better!

3. A little goes a long way.

There are a whole bunch of youth in the United Methodist church. In fact, if all of the youth in the U.S. alone gave just $2, they would raise over $1,500,000! When such a great number of people are able to work together, then the impact can be even greater! Imagine the impact of youth from around the world giving together!

Youth from the Central Conferences can give, too! Two dollars is a big amount for youth in developing countries, but if a lot of youth gave small amounts: 20 Philippine Pesos, 15 Mozambican Metical, or in any currency, it will add up and help other youth around the world.

4. That spirit of giving is contagious.

There’s something really exciting about giving to an important cause, developing a passion for the work being done, and then spreading that joy you received from giving. Whether you’re giving to YSF or elsewhere, when you share the opportunity with your friends and family, you can feel the generosity in the air!

5. The stories are priceless.

Because YSF dollars are given to youth by youth, the stories from the recipients are both relatable and powerful. Young women have learned to use computers and use their training to support themselves in the future. A youth group has purchased yard tools to help the elderly in their community take care of their homes. Safe spaces have been created for youth to hang out after school and receive tutoring. All of these are possible because of YSF.

6. Two things: Dove & Flame.

The YSF logo is awesome. Not only does it look cool, but the design was selected through an online contest in 2009 by Daniel Lee, who was 17 at the time. YSF really is all about youth!

7. Your gift goes global.

For every donation made to YSF, 70% stays in your Annual Conference, and 30% goes to the Global Youth Service Fund. Because the majority stays with the Annual Conference, this portion of YSF often supports more local projects. Although some of these funds are sent outside of the conference, the local youth leadership team gets to decide where to send the money. The Global YSF funds are distributed by a group of youth from around the world, and the projects selected are mostly outside of the United States. So no matter what amount you give, the reach is huge!

8. The sky is the limit.

Remember, YSF exists to support youth and their ministries together. So if you wanted to create a new ministry, but you’re not sure how to fund your dream, you should apply for a YSF grant. Don’t let money get in the way of being the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

9. You are a part of something BIG.

YSF has been around for 48 years! Regardless of when you participate in YSF, you get to be a part of a massive and on-going ministry that truly makes a difference in the lives of youth all around the world. When you give to YSF, remember that change is in your hands!

To learn more about YSF, visit www.youthservicefund.org!