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July 2015

20/20 Visioning an AIDS-Free World

By Mike Ratliff

Dear Friend,

I am writing to ask you to be a leader in the new “20/20: Visioning an AIDS-Free World” campaign of the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund. To date, the Fund has supported 185 Christ-centered, church-oriented HIV and AIDS programs in 37 countries. Yet, there is so much more work to be done to create an AIDS-Free World. Perfect 20/20 vision requires more than seeing—it requires action! 20/20: Visioning an AIDS-Free World aims to make more grants like these possible on the road to eradicating HIV/ AIDS. Here are some ways you can act and get others involved:

· Pray for persons living with HIV/ AIDS

· Donate at least $20 to UMCOR Advance #982345 / United Methodist Global AIDS Fund $20 can: stop the transmission of HIV from a mother to a child; provide nursing care for a newborn infant born with AIDS; supply nutrients to 20 HIV+ children suffering from dehydration; teach young people and adults how to prevent HIV; feed an HIV+ person for a month... so they can take their medicines; help keep parents alive; share biblical readings and prayers to those infected and affected.

· Education your local congregation or Conference by:

o placing the attached newsletter article in your next church newsletter, Conference newsletter or Annual Conference packets,

o dedicate a Sunday to HIV/AIDS awareness

o putting this bulletin insert along with a special UM Global AIDS Fund offering envelope that can be ordered for free through Cokesbury,

o presenting the Hope for an AIDS- Free World video during a service or dedicated floor time at Annual Conference,

o using the 30.30.30 concept and the Educational toolkit in your congregation- commit 30 minutes to the 30 million lives which have been lost over the last 30 years,

o Passing a resolution at Annual Conference to support 20/20: Visioning an AIDS-Free World,

o displaying a poster or two in your congregation or around Conference to create HIV& AIDS awareness and the 20/20: Visioning an AIDS-Free World effort

Visioning an AIDS-Free World will require all of us. You are on the front lines for empowering and educating others about HIV/AIDS and how the church can make a powerful impact against stigma, discrimination, and eradicating HIV/AIDS all together. Would you please take the time to pray, donate and educate others about 20/20: Visioning an AIDS-Free World? For more information visit www.2020AIDSFreeworld.org or e-mail 2020AIDSFreeworld@gmail.com

Mike leads YPM staff working with all levels of church leadership and the Division on Ministries with Young People members to facilitate all aspects of our work globally.