General Conference: Young Adult Scholarships

MFSA, in coalition with Reconciling Ministries Network and Affirmation through The Common Witness Coalition, recognize the need to equip the next generation of UMC leaders in the legislative, judicial, communication and relationship building issues by which policy change is achieved in the United Methodist Church. Thanks to the Arcus Foundation, ten scholarships are available to young adults (ages 35 and under) who are passionate about social justice and inclusive church issues to be deployed alongside experienced leaders as co-coordinators of Coalition efforts to monitor Legislative, Judicial and Relationship Building at General Conference.   In addition to 10 full scholarships, MFSA will match up to $300 for each young adult  (up to 10 young adults)  sponsored by their local congregation, MFSA Chapter, campus ministry, district or conference, to attend General Conference and volunteer with The Common Witness Coalition. Experienced UMC leaders are ready to pass on the tools that have been effective in the past and to receive the insight that fresh perspective can bring to the process. Young Adult Full Scholarship Application Process Young Adult Matching Scholarship Application Process