Written by:
Chris Wilterdink


Everyday Disciples

Everyday Disciples: Covenant Discipleship with Youth is out now! You can purchase it via Discipleship Resources, Cokesbury, or Amazon!

Covenant Discipleship is a system that helps youth grow in discipleship through accountability to each other. These free PDFs are supplemental items that will help leaders start and organize their Covenant Discipleship groups. Enjoy!

  1. A Start-Up Guide
  2. Writing a Covenant 
  3. Parents of Youth in Covenant Discipleship
  4. Guides in Covenant Discipleship with Youth
  5. Confidentiality in Covenant Discipleship with Youth
  6. 22 Questions from John Wesley's Holy Club

​​If your whole church is considering Covenant Discipleship for multiple age groups, check out all the free helps at the Leadership Resources page on www.umcdiscipleship.org