Note to the Teacher

This week the activity will help solidify the idea that God is with us, even when we can’t see him, just like he was with Job.  Yet, students often feel alone and forgotten.  This week may open some conversations of feeling like Job: confused, lonely, hurt, and deserted.  Dive into this lesson and help students to see the hope that does exist in Christ.

Time Description of Activity
Through the simple use of some exercises, students will be reminded of what it takes to build up endurance in muscles. It takes practice, training, testing, pushing, and some pain. Yet, as we exercise and become more fit, it does get easier. This is a simple way to explain sanctifying grace. This is the grace that God uses to grow our faith, the grace he gives as we learn how to remain faithful and mature in our faith.
10 min

1. Ice Breaker

  • Did you know that horses wear blinders during a race?  If yes, share with the group. (if no one knows this fact, go ahead and share with them a few of the main reasons that horses wear blinders:  helping them not get distracted by what is around them, and keeping them focused on what is ahead; specifically, what the jockey is wanting them to focus on.)
  • What is something that really distracts you? (have each student share at least one thing)
  • What is something you do to help you to focus?
  • Have you ever been punished for something that you didn’t do?  Share.
5 min

2.  Read Scripture Job 23:1-9, 16-17

Be sure to review where we are in the story of Job before reading this section as it helps it make sense to the reader.  Job has lost so much!  He is covered with sores, he’s lost his kids, his land, his cattle, and he is unsure of what he’s done to deserve all of what has happened to him.



3. Discussion

  • Describe how Job is feeling in this passage.
  • Have you ever felt like Job does in this passage?  Why or why not?
  • Job is searching for God everywhere but cannot seem to find him. He feels deserted.  Look up Matthew 27:46. Who else felt this way? Why?
  • Why does God allow this to happen?  What is he teaching Job?
20 min

4. Activity and Discussion:

Take this lesson to the next level by helping your students experience the frustration in this passage using the activity “Blinded by our Circumstances” from the Youthworker Collective: ( )

5 min  

5. Closing

Close in the manner that is typical for you. Consider taking joys and concerns from the students, then ask for a volunteer to close in prayer.

50 min


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