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October 2018

Seven Months of Quality, Methodist Youth Lessons FREE

By Jeremy Steele

We have your lessons covered. You don’t have to download random lessons online that have weird theology. You don’t have to write them yourself. You don’t even have to pay a lot of money for something from a traditional publisher. If you are looking for solid United Methodist youth ministry lessons, we have seven months already written for you (and more on the way).

And they’re free! How does that work? When your churches pay their apportionments, some of that money goes to produce these lessons for you to use for free! Each week’s lesson is written by a seasoned United Methodist youth worker and contains an icebreaker, a discussion based on scripture, and an active element designed to help the teacher engage the imaginations of the students.

But it gets better. These series also serve as companions to the adult worship resources (which are found at so by getting your pastors involved as well, you will be following what your pastor is preaching.

Just head over to and you’ll find seven complete series waiting for you, and more on the way!

When he's not playing with his four children with his wonderful wife, Jeremy is the associate pastor at Los Altos UMC in Los Altos, CA. Jeremy has spent over twenty years working in youth and children's ministry and continues to train children and youth workers as well as writing and speaking extensively in that field. His most recent book is the "All the Best Questions." You can find a list of all his books, articles, and resources for churches at