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April 2015

Ngonga Maria Teresa, from Namibia

I am Ngonga Maria Teresa, born in 04/01/1978, and completed my secondary academy in 2002. My parents and I have always been members of the United Methodist Church. I was elected in different departments within the church, but I was not very confident of my skills. In May 2013, I attended a Young Leader Summit, which was hosted in South Africa. That summit was an opportunity for me to become more equipped in skills and leadership ability. I gained a lot and I am using that knowledge to educate those who are in need, especially in the area of ministry to children. I opened a center where I am teaching young children the path of Christianity. The UMC empowers me in many ways, and I encourage youth to take advantage of the opportunities which God provides for them. I live in Namibia, in the city of Rundu. Now I have a desire to go to University and study Theology as I see the need for women pastors in our church. I also see the lack of equipped pastors in my area. Church membership is growing, but there are not enough pastors to feed the souls in the church. I am also the Bishop's Secretary in Namibia and we are in the Angola East Annual Conference.