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January 2011

NCJ Rundown #5 with Tiffanie Shanks

By Carl Gladstone (NCJ & NEJ)
NCJ Rundown 5 - Tiffanie Shanks Today we check in with Tiffanie Shanks of West Ohio and talk about her personal experience with young adult mission internships and how that has shaped her life and vocation as a staff person with young people's minsitries. Check out more info about Tiffanie and the WOC at: Had some good lengthy conversations on the phone this week that delved into the questions of doing youth ministry in the context of a local church that may have fluctuating pastoral support for ministries with young people. In many of our local settings I'm sure we've all felt some tension when it comes to the question, "Does my church really want young people around?" Sometimes the behavior of committees or leaders communicates otherwise. In other situations we may experience a rise and/or fall in youth group participation regardless of the level of support from the congregation. Whenever challenging times arise, remember that the most effective communities will have a shared vision for ministry with all ages. Youth will be a particular component of a whole village with hearts on fire for God. As leaders we should be ready to deal honestly and lovingly in the midst of ministry prosperity of conflict. Next week we'll be hearing from a community in Indiana that took advantage of some "rebuilding time" to create a new vision for ministries with young people - I hope you can find opportunities like that even in the most challenging of situations! Carl