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January 2011

NCJ Rundown #4 with Brian Durand

By Carl Gladstone (NCJ & NEJ)
Hello and welcome to 2011! I hope your holidays were filled with happiness, family, friends, and giving like God gave to us. Today we hear from Brian Durand, Conference Staff Person in the Indiana Conference about their ministries with young people there. Check out for contact info for Brian and to stay up to date on events and initiatives coming from our Hoosier brothers and sisters in Christ. NCJ Rundown #4 with Brian Durand Over the Christmas and New Year "break" I know many of us head out for some rejuvenation. Perhaps the youth ministries slow down a bit at your church, or maybe not. I know a number of folks who ran New Year's Eve lock-ins (God bless you!) But whatever you did, know that even our busy times, when done right, can be amazing moments for helping young Christians reach their full world-transforming potential. I for one have been using this time to prepare for upcoming events in Iowa, and OH. Have spent some time re-reading books like Seth Godin's "Tribes" that I think have something to teach the church about interacting with the people of the church in meaningful and contextual ways. Also, I continue to share with folks about the awesome opportunity we have this Summer to participate in Youth 2011. Please take advantage of the extended Early Bird rate and register your group in the next couple weeks! So, welcome to the new year, and we are praying for all of you in your ministry endeavors as the days grow longer and warmer! Yours in Christ, Carl Gladstone Young People's Ministry Regional Staff - NCJ