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December 2010

NCJ Rundown #3 with Ang Hart

By Carl Gladstone (NCJ & NEJ)
NCJ Rundown #3 with Ang Hart This week we get a chance to talk with Ang Hart, Conference Staff with Youth and Young Adults in the Detroit Annual Conference. Ang shares some about youth and young adults who are finding ways to revive and revise their work together in order that it may more clearly resemble Jesus' call to live missionally and not just institutionally. Check out the link and share it with a friend who you think might appreciate Ang's insights! Also this week, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel (via Skype) on generational issues and opportunities during a gathering of the GBOD staff in Nashville. I was thankful for their thoughtful consideration of how we can create systems that welcome younger members, learn from them, and teach them, all in an effort to better reach the world in the love of Christ. Amongst my regional staff colleagues, we had a great discussion this week on the ongoing development of a UM Youth Missions network that would better enable UM-connected mission destinations and ministries to engage young people in that work. Emerging today was the realization that we should creating online information and organization tools that help both existing Sumer-long programs and local-church sponsored mission trips to talk to each other. We envision a resource at UMYOUTHMISSIONS.ORG that would be a one stop shop for A) youth workers looking to bring their group to a UMC-related mission destination, B) Mission camps, project, trips looking to share their information across the Connection, and C) a spot for resourcing and encouraging new UM-related mission destinations and programs to spring up. Please let us know what else you'd like to see from an online tool like that. Thanks and peace, Carl Gladstone YPM Regional Staff - NCJ