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December 2010

M.A.C. Track

By Abigail Parker Herrera (SCJ)
Today I had a great time chatting over coffee with Julie Peters, the associate director of student ministries at Church of the Resurrection. Of course, I was in Austin with my coffee and she was in Kansas... Anyhow, we spent most of our time talking about a program she helped develop (Ministry as a Career) to mentor youth that feel called to ministry. From the conversation and information on the MAC Track blog, it looks like something that could be easily modified to any setting. We are thinking about using it for a district-wide conversation with youth who feel called to ministry. Check it out! Julie is a great resource who's been doing youth ministry for over 25 years. If you need to talk something out or get some advice, especially when it comes to developing student leaders, you can give her a call. She said so!